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Calvary Promotions

About Us

Don’t just have a Sale, Sell Cars!

John Boyette

We excel in designing proven marketing material that creates the necessary momentum to take your dealership to the next level.

Calvary Promotions LLC currently operates with dealers each month throughout the Eastern United States. Calvary Promotions is comprised of a select group of individuals all focused on helping drive more traffic and producing more sales and gross.

Providing Expert & Honest Precision Sales since 2011.

Our History

With our direct-mail advertising, your dealership will experience a substantial increase of traffic during your Calvary Promotions staffed event. We capture many of these leads that would normally be lost as literally hundreds of people visit your showroom with their direct-mail piece in hand.

By adding our experienced team, your dealership will have the staff necessary to handle the increased customer traffic, capturing more leads and selling more units while maintaining your dealership’s reputation.

Direct Mail

Don’t just send out a mailer; send out a Calvary SMART MAILER. We utilize an array of demographics to pinpoint the best neighborhoods to send your mailer. Unlike most companies that shotgun-mail entire zip codes, we take a mail route by mail route approach to determine where your mail money is best spent. We invite you to take advantage of our CUSTOMER ZOOM program. It’s free of charge to our customers. No more guessing “where” your customers come from. With our ZOOM program you’ll know. Calvary offers an array of highly effective mailers, plus we’ll even custom design one that fits your dealership’s needs. We specialize in delivering top notch quality mailer that’s ON TIME, ON TARGET AND WITH PRECISION!


We handle it all. Put your co-op funds to work for you without sacrificing effectiveness. We’ll design your mailer, submit it to the appropriate manufacturer for compliance review, make necessary changes, if any and then provide you with necessary co-op approval documents from manufacturer to submit your claim. So many times dealers will use co-op funds on non-effective advertising just to use up the funds. Don’t let that be you. Spend those funds wisely with a co-op compliant mailer from Calvary that really works!

Our Experts

Calvary Promotions has had the same management staff since 2011.

Chris from Calvary Promotions.

Chris Blackwelder

Chris Blackwelder was born and raised in Miami, Florida. After High School, Chris attended Southern Vermont College on a partial basketball scholarship. Afterward, Chris went straight into the automotive industry where his passion for selling and finance was born. After 15 years of only working with two dealer groups, Chris joined Calvary Promotions as a closing manager in 2011. Within 4 months Chris was promoted to Desk Manager where he proudly serves today. Chris resides in Charlotte NC where he enjoys fine dining and hanging with his friends.

Paul Skidmore from Calvary Promotions.

Paul Skidmore

Paul Skidmore was born and raised in Spring Valley New York. After graduating from school, he joined the United States Marine Corps, proudly serving for four years. After his honorable discharge, Paul began his career in the automobile business in sales in Greenville, NC where he went on to be promoted to sales manager. Paul began working with Calvary Promotions in 2012 as a sales person, and has since been promoted to Closer/Manager. Paul enjoys spending his free time taking in the salt air at the coast and relaxing watching a good football game.

Rondell Mckoy

Rondell Mckoy has had an extensive 17 year career in the automotive industry and has established lasting business relationships with his clients. Born and raised in Robeson County, NC Rondell went on to graduate from UNC-Chapel Hill with a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations. He then began his career in the automotive industry when he joined the Hendrick Auto team as a sales associate and was then promoted to finance manager. Rondell began his work with Calvary promotions in 2013 as a salesperson and has since been promoted to Closer/Manager. Rondell’s free time is spent with his family and two sons, R.J. and Brandon. He also enjoys fishing, playing pool, and watching a good game of basketball.

Why a Calvary Promotions

Marketing Staffed Event?
  • Lack of showroom traffic and buyers?
  • Working harder and harder for less and less profit?
  • Internet killing your gross profit per unit?
  • Sitting on too much aged inventory?
  • Not enough enthusiasm and energy on your sales floor?
  • Getting the same old results from the same old advertising?
A Calvary Promotions automotive staffed event can help eliminate these problems and more. How do we know that? Because our dealers tell us. Dealers like you have seen it happen with their own eyes. A Calvary Promotions Marketing staffed event can be a magic bullet to reinvigorate your sales and sales team.

Calvary Promotions has been in business since 2011, with a solid team of professional minded managers and sales staff. You can count on Calvary Promotions Road Pro Teams. With our experience and long-term relationships with our sales team, you get accountability, dependability, and most importantly, you get results.

Let us help make your next automotive staffed event a success!

Our average staffed-event performance based on available inventory:

What are you waiting for?

Be a “Winner”
with Calvary Promotions.

Calvary Promotions, LLC is one of the very few staffed event company that carries Errors and Omissions and General Liability Insurance. All of our prizes are insured with single insurance policies not group insurance. What’s the difference? It cost a lot more for single insurance but every prize listed there is a winner in your market, not 1 : 500,000. All of our mail is hand delivered to each post office. This cuts down on lost or delayed mail. Nothing worse than having customers call you saying they just got their mailer days after your sale ends. Last but not least, we make sure every one of our staff members carries a DMV salesman license under your dealership. This takes time but we know the process and get it done for every sale