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    Staffed Events
    Calvary Promotion's STAFFED EVENTS provide everything your dealership needs to make your month! Our 5 to 10 day STAFFED EVENTS are designed to help you INCREASE GROSS PROFITS and CLEAR OUT INVENTORY. Our current clients are seeing 50%-75% increase in sales, $4934 PLUS PER COPY and a 99% FUNDING RATIO! Calvary Promotions will not only provide top of the line marketing tools, but a team of EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS that will not only provide training and motivation to facilitate a very successful event but make your staff better at what they do after we leave!
  2. Calvary Promotions Sales Team
    About Us
    We provide proven marketing material that creates the necessary momentum to take your dealership to the next level. Calvary Promotions LLC currently operates with dealers each month throughout the Eastern United States. Calvary Promotions is comprised of a select group of individuals all focused on helping drive more traffic and producing more sales and gross.
  3. Calvary Promotions
    Confident in your sales team, but need a boost in traffic? Let our version of a SALE-IN-A-BOX deliver the results that you need! Calvary's SALE-IN-A-BOX includes everything you need to have your own SUPER SALE. Our "BOX" includes highly effective mailers, store copies to display during your event, contest coverage for all insured prizes, prize board to display in showroom, guest registration forms, guaranteed deal forms, PLUS WE'LL SUPPLY A PROFESSIONAL trainer to train your staff, help overcome objections from potential buyers and HELP YOUR STAFF LEARN HOW TO CLOSE MORE DEALS!

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